Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Dropping Temperatures and How Much Time?

Hello Everyone!

What do you do when the temperature drops and all your appointments cancel? You watch for the Lord to provide miracles! That is exactly what has happened this week, and the Lord sure knows exactly what we need, especially when we don't!

First of all, the temperature plummeted to single digits most of the week here. The little pond outside our home now has about four inches of ice, and of course, it was our turn to walk or to bike (no car!). So, trusting in the Lord to help us to work anyway, we watched the miracles come. Elder Chun found the clothing he used in idaho while he was at BYUI, and I got some perfectly times packages: a knitted wonderful scarf from Taylor and Brooke, and a package of warm sweaters to wear under my coats. I was comfy and cozy all week long! It was awesome!

With the drop in the temperature, we also watched our scheduled appointments drop off. Thankfully, we didn't give up on them and instead we were able to teach while serving, which is even better! Maxine let us rake her leaves and put up her Christmas tree (we started putting the lights on the top this time), and lots of people let us sing carols to them. It was awesome!

This week our President also sent out a very thought provoking message. He said, in a voice message sent out to the entire mission, "The length of service has been changed from 2 years to 18 months for Elders, and from 18 months to 1 year for Sisters. Hold on to your faith." It was not true, but he used it to make us think. We will still be serving for two years, but I think for us, those two years will be so much more precious.  If the Lord gave you a time and told you that you had to accomplish everything by then, what would you think?  What would you do? If the Lord told you you were going home to Him on January first, what would you accomplish between now and then? Would there be anything in your life you would change? Anyone you would want to help? That is the mentality our inspired President helped us gain. Every moment here on Earth is so precious, whether we are a full-time missionary, a loved father or mother, or a cherished friend.

I love you all so much! Take care of yourselves, and remember the Savior in this wonderful season!

Elder Beckstead

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