Tuesday, January 28, 2014

A Week in Wichita

Hello everyone!

It can be truly crazy how much work we can do here in Kansas. We have been able to talk to a TON of people, and sadly, so many of them reject the truth that can help them so much! I have sure learned that keeping a positive attitude is definitely key in any work, but especially missionary work.  I know that if you let yourself get discouraged and down, you will not be as successful because you will not give as much as you could have.

To me, being successful does not mean you have ton of numbers or that you have outward results, but that you can talk to the Lord and tell him that you have tried. The more honestly you can say you have given your all, the more successful you have been. The Lord uses these times to help us to grow to, and as we stretch ourselves to try and reach goals and work as hard as we can, He will be able to lift us and make it so that next time we can do even better. It is like working out. If at first, you can only lift a 20lb weight six times, but you do all you can, and get that weight up six times, several days in a row, you will soon be able to lift it 8, then 10 times, or you will be able to lift a 25lb weight six times.  The same is true for other kinds of work. If you feel super nervous to talk to someone in the grocery story next to you, but you still do it every time you can, it will soon become much more natural and easy for you.

I think that all of us should take the advice of President Uchtdorf and choose now to plant our trees. The month of January is almost over, so evaluate your new years resolutions, see what you can do to be a little more successful, and get going again. If you aren't yet perfect, don't worry about it. Worry about one thing you can do better, one thing you can change, and start there.

I love you all!
Elder Beckstead

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