Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Love the Season

Hello Everyone!

This week has most definitely been one filled with thanks and with miracles. The wonderful season of Thanksgiving and remembrance of our Savior has shown as people are so kind. It is truly amazing to see how the Spirit is working its way to so many people through so many of us who are spreading the wonderful news of the Gospel.

We had a great experience on Tuesday when I was on exchanges with a great Elder named Elder Kartchner. We didn't have the car, so we were walking outside when it was about 30 degrees, with a good 15mph wind. Poor Elder Kartchner is from Arizona, so he was really feeling the cold, so, we stopped at a gas station so he could get some hot cocoa to help warm himself. We were the only ones there, except for a cashier who started to ask some questions. It was great, because we were able to talk and teach her right there in the station for a good half an hour, and get her information to send the Elders covering her area over. It was pretty awesome to see how the Lord guided us so that we could talk to her.

Another miracle was that on Friday, we were trying to contact this part-member family that has been nice, but pretty cold to missionaries in the past. They were home, and let us in, but were pretty quiet and it almost seemed like they didn't really want us there. As we tried to engage them in conversation, we got onto the topic of Christmas, and John, the father, joked that I could help them put lights on their tree because I was tall. We of course jumped on the opportunity to serve, and although they were surprised that we took it literally, they let us help! We were able to get it about half done (the bottom half of the tree) when they ran out of lights. While they were searching for more, Elder Chun and I played Christmas songs on their piano and sang to them. By singing and serving, they really opened up to us, and by the time we had to leave, we were joking and laughing and feeling the Spirit in an amazing way. They invited us to come back next week to see their finished tree and sing some more carols with them, followed by a lesson. It was amazing!

Well, even as we are using this wonderful season to spread the wonderful Gospel of Jesus Christ, you too can do the same. Remember our Savior in this wonderful time and strive to give him the best gift you can. And, where possible, do what you can to help one of our Brothers or Sisters to come into His fold and feel of his love!

We love you all so much!

Elder Beckstead

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