Monday, February 10, 2014

Heartland Facts, Frozen Feet & Reactivation!

So this week has been one with lots of learning experiences filled with new facts and all sorts of stuff that has been just fun. First of all, Kansas turned 183 this week, as the 34th state in the United States. I also learned that the geographical center of the United States is in Kansas...but about 2 miles outside of my mission boundary. Guess I'll have to hit that attraction in a few years or so. We learned that biking after a major freezing rain storm is nie unto impossible, but if you do it right, you can freeze your shoes to certain porches while tracting. That will sure give you the motivation to have a good conversation, or wait for them to shut the door on you so you don't have to look like a fool chiseling your feet off the ground!

There is this super sweet less-active lady that we have been meeting with that came to church with us this week. Her story is truly amazing! She first joined the church after going on a tour to Salt Lake City and temple square. While there, she felt the Spirit, so when she got home, she bought herself a Book of Mormon, and read all the way through it. She read the promise in Moroni, applied it and prayed, and found it to be true, before trying to figure out what church used the book. Eventually, after some searching she was able to meet with the missionaries. Over time, she moved several times, and her records did not always move with her. When she came into our area, she had been less-active for years. She was praying one day that she should be told what church to go to, and a few minutes later we knocked on her door! She has accepted everything again, and is forming friendships with the members, and now she wants to go through the temple and receive of the blessings that are given there. It is AMAZING! She is sooo cool.

I know that just like Sister Scott (the wonderful lady mentioned above)  people are being prepared for each of us. Sometimes all it takes is a little bit of faith and action. The Lord has commanded that we share the Gospel and help others be happy, and so we need to believe he can and will use us to do so. It is amazing to see the difference out knocking doors when I am just doing it because I am in an area with nothing else to do, or if I really want to help someone and have the faith that by tracting, I will be able to find them. The latter is immensely more successful! Have faith in any and every aspect of your lives, and miracles really will come. I promise you that.

Love you all!

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