Monday, February 24, 2014

Rely on the Atonement

Hello Everyone!
Well, another great week has passed here in the great city of Wichita. We have seen some pretty amazing things happen, and we have been really blessed though it has been pretty tough.
This week, we had a great meeting with Maxine to transition to the Sisters in our ward doing the primary teaching. It was really cool because she just accepted them right in starting talking to them forever. She is such a grandmother, and totally will take care of any of us missionaries who go over to visit her.
One other thing we were able to do this week was find out how quickly we can walk through slush, while wearing boots. The weather totally warmed up and all the snow that we got last week melted into slush and water everywhere. On Thursday, we were out walking and realized we only had an hour to make it 4 or five miles back to the apartment for our ride. So, we started back, and thanks to my parents, my long strides got us back (Elder Lott jogged a little too) Plus, we even had a little bit of extra time to talk to some people we met on the way! The Lord provides constant miracles!
Love you all!  If you can find the time, about an hour os so, I would like you all to watch two vidoes (found wither on BYUTV, or Youtube or something; I'm not sure exactly where)  hey are: "His grace is Suficient" by Brad Wilcox (45 min.), and Missionary work and the atonement (15 min.)  The second one is amazing, and has made me cry both times our misison President has shown it to us.  I really recommend it.  I know that our Savior lives, and that He helps us every day, if we let Him.  I know that true, lasting hapiness comes from becoming more like Him by living His gospel.  I love Him, I love His gospel, and I love this work.  And, I love you all, very, very much!
Elder Beckstead

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