Monday, April 14, 2014

Loving Little Emporia!

Hello everyone!

This week has sure been a great one!  We were on bikes all week, but Emporia is small enough, that we can travel from one end of town to the other in about half an hour, if we want to.  It has been a lot of fun for me to get back on a bike, and thankfully, the weather has been cooperating enough to let us travel safely.  

So this week, we found this amazing new investigator named Kenny. Actually, the Sisters ran into him first, and in the lesson they had with him, he told them he has been wanting to get baptized like Jesus Christ for a while, but he doesn't know where or how to do it. Thankfully, missionaries know these things! He ended up coming to church and really loving it, as well as building a ton of friendships with other people in the ward. He is super excited to continue learning too. It really is a testimony to me that the Lord is preparing people, and as we keep our eyes open, we might be able to help them.

This week, one of our member's homes almost burned down; some neighbor kids lit a fire in her yard and it got a little bit out of control, and on top of that the fire department was out taking car of some brush fires out of town. Thankfully her other neighbor got a hose and they were barely able to put it out before it reached the home. Nonetheless, she still couldn't sleep because he back yard had a ton of dried up leaves and branches and so forth, bad enough that it would have been far out of control had the neighbor boys started it in the back yard rather than the front. So, she requested our help to clean it up. It was an incredible experience to see and feel her stress melt as we took out almost 25 bags of leaves, and a giant pile of branches. That is one of the best parts about serving a mission: seeing people become happier as you serve teach and otherwise help them.  

On that note, we were teaching this part member family and offered to help the nonmember husband with the siding on his house. He asked us what the catch was. If we helped him, what did we want in return? We told him all we wanted was a smile, and that would be reward enough for us, and he was a little bit incredulous. He actually asked us, "No, really, will you make me come to church, or read, or pray?" We told him we would love for him to do those too, because they would help him, but they weren't necessary for our service. He agreed to let us help. Love it!

I know that as you forget yourself and help others in any way, even just smiling at people during the day, your worries will become less, and your stress will decrease, and you will be happier. I know that the Savior set the example for is in living a life full of service. I know we can feel of His love as we accept what He has done for us and not only let it change us, but help other to access it as well.

I love you all very, very much!
Elder Beckstead

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