Saturday, September 28, 2013

Monday Already?

Hey everyone!

This week really flew by.  It does not seem fair that it is already time for me to be emailing again...It surely hasn't been a week yet! I guess maybe it has, but boy it doesn't seem like it has been.

This week involved biking a TON, finding  some amazing new people to teach, and having people come to church!  Hooray!  First of all, we are about three to four miles away from our area, which is not that bad, except there is a nice hill in the way.  I actually found out from one of the members that in our area is the highest point in Kansas.  Go figure.  Plus there always seems to be a headwind, no matter which direction we are riding.  Thankfully, the Lord is sure helping me get back into shape after my nice stay in the cozy Salt Lake area!

One of the new investigators we are now teaching is a football player at Kansas State.  We have been teaching his fiance for a few weeks, but with the football season currently ongoing, we never caught him, until Thursday night.  His name is Torell Miller, number 88.  He was very interested in what we had to say, and when we started talking about the Book of Mormon, he asked if he could buy a copy!  He then committed to read it on the plane rides to his football games.  How cool is that!  We are super excited because Jackie and he are both super prepared to hear the gospel.  They are just so awesome!

Another highlight this week was the good amount of prosball we were able to play (prosball is playing sports of some sort in our proselyting clothes).  First, we got invited to play basketball by this gentlemen over near one of our recent converts.  We talked as we played, and found out he was an infantryman in the army with a member in his group.  The member told him that missionaries played ball a lot, so to find us, he should start playing more often.  Guess it works!  He is super nice and really interested in family history, which is an aspect of teaching and finding that we are trying to use more.  We also ended up playing football with a recent convert family here who is already starting to go less active.  It is so much easier for us to get into their home after bonding with the children and helping them see that we are just real people.  The Lord has certainly blessed us with all these situations.

I can't believe it, but transfers are now only a week away.  Have I really been in Kansas that long?  What do you think?

Thanks again for all your prayers.  We really have been feeling them.  Here is another list of those that could really use them:  Torell, Jackie, Nicole, Sehna Family, Miner Family, Marcell, Linda, Jeanette, Vu family, Macneil Family, Bro. Griffee, Lizz, Koirala Family, David, and Sarah.

Thank you all!  You are the best!

Elder Beckstead

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