Friday, September 6, 2013

Made It to Kansas - Mayonnaise Miracle

Hello Everyone!

WOW! I have finally made it out here and it is INCREDIBLE!  Since the last time I had the chance to email (which was almost two weeks ago, I think) so much has happened, and so many memories have been made.  I just don't even know where to start, and I guarantee I will miss many of the miracles due to a complete lack of time I have to email.
MTC District - Elder Beckstead District Leader

I guess I should finish off my MTC experience first.  It was great to be able to be there and see a new district come and, and have all of my district be the experienced ones.  We were able to learn even more as we ushered in the new ones and I think it really helped solidify what we were learning. One of the Elders going to India didn't get his visa, and was reassigned to the Idaho Twin Falls Mission.  It was really cool to be able to testify to him that it really didn't matter where he served because if you are doing it right, you will fall in love with the people and never want to leave.  That really helped our district rally together even more to support him.  Then we left!  Early (like 2:30) Tuesday morning we were shipped up to the airport and flew in to Minnesota (someone tell Joe!) then down to Wichita.  Our second plane was probably 60% missionaries because there were so many of us and it was so small.
Wonderful members welcomed us to Kansas

Largest "mountain" in Kansas :)
Kansas., wonderful Kansas!  My first impression has been that it is a bit more humid than I am used to, and a lot more hilly than I was expecting.  After the interviews meetings and stuff, they shipped me up to Manhattan with Elder Eyre (pronounced air) to work.  That is where K-State is located, just so you know.  Anyway, there is one of the biggest hills in all of Kansas right between me and my area.   Also, we live in an apartment right across the street from campus, right next to a fraternity house, for now at least.  That is irrelevant but interesting fact of the day that will become important later.  My area is amazing though, and Elder Eyre is a complete Boss.  We are going to get along amazing and really tear it up as best we can out here.
Kansas State University
Now to the miracles out in the field.  First, on Saturday we were riding our bikes to our area to go and contact some former investigators.  Our route takes us down a road with campus on one side and aggieville (all the bars and such) on the other side. As we were riding down the street, someone threw a turkey sandwich at us, and nailed me in the face.  The miracle is that the Lord made sure I was out of contact solution so I was wearing glasses.  This means that all the mayonnaise from the sandwich splattered over my face and glasses, but didn't get into my eye.  It is a good thing I am working for the One who knows everything and will protect me.
Elder Beckstead & Elder Eyre
Second, we had an appointment set up with this super sweet young potential investigator yesterday, but when we knocked on her door, there was no answer.  On our route on the way over, we had seen the other person we had planned for our backup loading his car with his laundry, so we didn't know where to go.  We counseled on the doorstep for about five minutes before starting to walk away.  Just then, Jackie answered the door!  We ended up having an amazing lesson with her and  she is now planning on being baptized!  It is amazing to see how the Lord's hand is guiding each and every minute.

Love you all!  Keep working hard and trusting in the Lord!

Elder  Beckstead

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