Friday, September 6, 2013

Birthday, Housing Challenges & Blessings for Working Hard

Hello Everyone!

So, where to start!  This week has been one of the most interesting that I have had in the mission field, for sure.  First of all, this week looks horrible number wise, but it has been pretty amazing and filled with the Spirit otherwise.  Although we drew blanks in a bunch of our key indicator categories, we set up this next week to be super good and make up for a little bit.  It is so great!

Some of the highlights that have been a part of this crazy week were the fact that we have been having a bit of a housing crisis, we started teaching this incredible family from Nepal, and when we were completely out of things to do and people to see, the Lord provided miracles.  A birthday was in there somewhere too.
Happy 19th Birthday!
Regarding housing: the Sisters got kicked out of the place they were living because the family had a bit of a crisis. This resulted in Elder Eyre and I getting booted out of our apartment and going to live with the Zone Leaders, who happen to also be covering our ward with us.  This happened on Wednesday; we got mattresses on Thursday, and by Sunday we had full beds. On top of that, every Wednesday another set of Elders came to sleep over for a meeting, so we had a crammed home with everyone on the floor our first night.

Makund and Devi are the Nepali couple we are teaching.  We picked them up on Wednesday and talked to them Saturday too.  They have been taught by other Elders for months, and really are amazing.  They have already come to church for about 4 months, although they didn't come much during the summer. They already have testimonies, and know it is true, and the only thing keeping them from being baptized is that they plan on going back to Nepal, and they don't want to have to be made fun of because they aren't Hindu (it would be hard for them, like their families disowning them and their friends shunning them).  We are working on figuring out how we can help them have courage to trust in the Lord and keep all of his commandments.
Kansas State Fans? Maybe this will help so no more sandwiches are thrown :)
Several times this week we really ran out of stuff to do, and the Lord provided for us because we were trying.  Once. we were completely stumped on what to do next, so we said a prayer and Elder Eyre had the idea for us to go and visit all the hispanic potentials the other Elders gave us.  None of them were home, but outside of the door of one of their homes we ran into Brother Miller, a man who had been investigating in a different city and had moved here, losing contact with the church.  We were able to refer him to some missionaries covering his ward.  It was so cool!
See the bunnies?
I must also give a huge thanks for all the letters, gifts, and emails given to me for my birthday.  You guys are all great!  I love you so much!  

Keep up the good work and watch miracles flow according to your faith,

Elder Beckstead

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