Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Talking to Absolutely Everyone

Hi Everyone!

This week, as usual, has been just incredible. I don't know if you are getting sick of hearing that at the beginning of these emails, but it's always true, and I think you had better get used to it, because I'll probably continue to say it for the next two years.

We had a TON of meetings this week, at least, Elder Eyre did. I had the very pleasant opportunity to let him go to the meeting, and take the other District Leader companions to my area, the nearest one to where the meetings are held. None of us are very experienced, but we are all very excited, and together, we talked to absolutely everyone! It really opened my eyes to how much I can still improve as a missionary; we were opening our mouths from as far as a block away to people who had headphones in, were listening on the phone, mowing lawns, you name it. It was so powerful too, because although no new investigators or anything came of it, we got to teach and testify and learn a bunch about the people here in Manhattan. Elder Eyre and I have done our best to talk to a lot of people, but we are now going to try talking to absolutely every person we see.
Spiders aren't just in South America!
Our Stake conference this week was extremely enjoyable. Our Stake President got a letter from the First Presidency last Saturday saying something along the lines of  "Effective immediately all Adult sessions of Stake conference need to be centered around Missionary work." That was a blast for us, because it just powered down on how these members can do missionary work. The adult session was in Salina, about a 1.5 hour drive from us, and as we rode back from the conference with our bishop, we saw just how excited about missionary work he was, and how he was seeing members start to really catch the fire as well. He was talking about ways we could now motivate and teach the members to actually do the work now that they want to. What an incredible blessing for us!
It's Snowing!
Another huge blessing was that it finally snowed! It has been quite warm around here, until last Friday when I saw my first Kansas snowstorm. It was pretty great. I'm quite sure I was having a much better time than pretty much anyone else in Kansas at that time. Does it get any better than talking to people about how much God loves them while seeing a manifestation of his love in the swirling beauty of snowflakes? I certainly don't think there is.

Last week I asked you all to listen to Elder Ballard's talk. Thank you for all for completing your homework! I know that helping people feel God's love will help you feel more of His love, and in turn create a desire in you and those you talk to continue to feel and share of His great love. I'm living the dream because I get to talk to people every day. T

here truly isn't a feeling like it.

Love you all!

Elder Beckstead

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