Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Not Much Better Than Conference

Helloooooo Everyone!

I guess I will start this email off with conference: AMAZING!  I can't even believe how much buildup we had as missionaries, and then how incredible Conference itself went.  We were getting all excited about it since last Monday; it was like the buildup to the Olympics or World Cup, but the resulting event was so much better.  Conference itself was the best.  Everyone we talked to that followed through on the invitation to take a question and watch in awe as the Lord took the opportunity to answer it directly had that promise fulfilled. Elder Eyre and I received a TON of revelation on what to do with our teaching pool and we are soooo excited to put it into practice this next week.  It is going to be the best. Words just can't describe.

This week was filled with working with less active members and recent converts.  We easily had the most contact that we have ever had with these people. One of my favorites (if I had any favorites) is Brother Orme.  He is a very nice old man who became inactive as a truck driver because he would often have to drive on Sundays.  Anyway, he told us as we were leaving once this week, "Don't give up on me.  One day I might be the Bishop!"  That is the attitude I like to hear!  Now we need to just let the Spirit help him come back to church and more into his scriptures, and he will be there!

A major miracle that happened for us this week was that we got back in contact with Jackie, an investigator who has been too busy to meet with us lately.  Thursday, Elder Eyre followed a prompting to go as see if she was home just before we made our bike ride home.  She was! We taught her a quick lesson and then set up a return appointment.  It must not have been enough, because the next two days while traveling past her apartment on the way to appointments or our areas or work, we say her outside with her daughter and were able to say hi!  It was so fantastic, especially because they allowed to us to her that we are normal people, and we truly want to be her friend and helper.  We feel those quick contacts have helped us become more of shepherds than sheep herders.  The Lord must know what he is doing!

Keep being amazing, and watch conference again and again. You WILL receive revelation from it as you try! Continue being missionaries wherever you are!  I love you all!

Elder Beckstead

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