Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Here We Go!

Hello Everyone!

By now you have probably already heard the news, but I will tell you again anyways.  I am going to be serving in the Kansas Wichita Mission! It is definitely bitter sweet, because I am extremely excited to meet new people over in Kansas, but I am so sad that I have to leave all of the great people I have met here.  It is going to be hard for sure.

This last week has been a crazy one filled with lots of exchanges.  I basically had to run my area for the entire week while Elder Cooper got to go see the rest of our district and how it was running.  It was pretty fun.  I learned a lot from the other Elders, and I picked up a few great skills.  There is one huge miracle that happened on Friday, while I was with an interesting missionary named Elder Studer.  First of all, I loved the day I spent with him because we were obedient to a T in every aspect that we knew how to be obedient.  I LOVED it and felt so happy the entire time. When we were out contacting a list of people the Layton YSA Ward didn't know, we got the feeling to knock on the door on either side of the one we were actually there to contact. On one side, we met the YSA ward clerk's wife.  On the other was an interested non-member named Mike.  What a huge testimony to listen to the Spirit!

Other than just trying to find new people, this week has been pretty slow.  We did not have very many lessons, and we haven't been getting very many referrals, that is until Sunday.  We had the opportunity to have our Stake President speak in the Northridge Ward, and at the end of his talk, we passed out 3"x5" cards to all the members and asked them to write their name and contact info non it.  Then, we had them turn it over and write down the name of someone they committed to invite to/back to church.  We ended up with 53 cards with 1-5 names on them!  It is so exciting!  We hope that will help us stay busy as well as finding us people who already have fellowship to go and teach.  And, it also started the members to get excited.  Even if we only have a few of those names actually do something, the members will have already caught the missionary spirit, and we can have everyone not waiting by looking for experiences to share the gospel.  It is going to be so great!

Hope you all are also catching the fire!  Remember it is a commandment for us to share the word once we have received it!  Think of a friend, and make plans as soon as you are done reading this to invite them.  If you are scared, find a returned missionary and role play (practice) inviting them a few times to help it seem less awkward. I promise you will feel amazing as you take action.  It really is the best feeling in the world to know that you are saving your friends and family.

Thanks for letting jump on my soap box there for a second! Love you all!

Elder Beckstead

I expect a report on how it goes next week in an email. :)

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