Monday, July 1, 2013

Baptism Every Week

Hello all!  I have lots to tell you about my time out here, and I will probably forget lots of it. I hope you enjoy the details I remember to provide!
Xane being introduced to horses. Such a city boy!

First I must say that being in this area with a different companion has been interesting.  There are many things that Elder Cooper and I don't see eye to eye, and there have been a few times that have gotten me a little frustrated.  Thankfully, I am learning a ton from the experience, and growing a lot as it happens.  I love how the Lord can help strengthen us and help us become better if we let Him.

Elder Cooper, Tobi and Elder Beckstead
Yesterday we had a baptism for Tobi!  His name is actually Jose Carlos Parra Zamudio.  He goes by a name that isn't even found in his real name (I get along with him really well!). Anyway, it was a fantastic service, and both Sarah (who we met this week) and Jordan were able to attend.  The Spirit is so strong and undeniable when you see someone make the big step of baptism to come closer to Christ. I think Jordan even had some tears. YES! We are excited to see how our next meeting goes with her.

Let me tell you a little about the miracle investigator named Sarah.  We found her as we went from one family home evening activity to another.  Elder Cooper "just chose" a ward and when we arrived, Alisha (her fellowshipper) knocked on our window asking why we were there.  We responded that we were just going from ward to ward.  She told us to come meet her nonmember friend!  Alisha has been off her mission for two years, and together we have met with Sarah 3 times this week.  She is reading, praying and progressing pretty well.  Also, she is praying to know if she should be baptized on the 13!  All in all, she's great!
Elder Beckstead taking a rest on a cool chair!

This week has been really slow for finding.  We have pretty much contacted everyone on the lists of less-active members that the wards have given us so far, so we are running out of things to do.  Tracting would be interesting because every other house would be a member, and of those nonmember homes, less than half would be young single adults.  We also don't have any unbaptized lists for our wards because you have to request your records to be sent to the YSA ward for them to transfer. Pray for us to find useful stuff to do this next week.

Along with those prayers, here is a list of investigators and nonmembers that could use a prayer or ten: Caitlyn Moran, Jordan Little, Sarah Finch, Morgan Espinoza, Mina Went, Tobi Zamudio, Brooke, Jeff, James Hoang, Sarah Gouldby, Taylor Olsen, Igore Gorgeveski, Trista Riley, Thea Iverson, Emily Randquist, Troy Miller, Aubree Leyvas, Anthony, Karen Koy, and Alejandro.

Thanks all! Love you tons.

Elder Beckstead

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