Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Miracles and Snow

Well, this week has been a pretty average missionary week, with miracles strewing the way and the Spirit uplifting and guiding constantly.  It is pretty funny because the normal transfers are happening on Wednesday, and they are shipping me off again, making my stay here in Wichita only about 2 weeks long.

We have a lot of people this week we have met that have been pretty incredible fellows.  One of them, named David Beeson, has been investigating the church for about 7 months but has never been able to come to church because he is recovering from a triple bypass heart surgery.  Apparently in the mix-up of missionaries here (there have been a bunch of new missionaries in a very short time) he was lost and hadn't been visited for a month. He called up a member that had been to see him a couple of times, and told him that he wanted a bigger Book of Mormon since his eyesight was going.  That led to us being called and finding him once again.  After the visit he told us he really wanted to come check it out...in two months when his doctors allowed him to leave his place, and bring his sweetheart with him!  Amazing man, who is hard to describe without you having met him.

Another miracle came after the 4 inches of snow we received and the subsequent ice on the roads (They don't have great snow removal here, especially on the side roads).  Both wards I cover were cancelled, and in fact, there was only one ward that still held services, so everyone who was dedicated came to the church to at least take the sacrament.  That meant that I got to see a bunch of the people I know from the Auburn Hills ward when I had served here a year ago.  The reunion was definitely a sweet one.  It was awesome!

So I guess I should make mention of where I am going too.  My new area will be Colby, Kansas, out in the Northwestern corner of the State.  My companion will be Elder Marley, whom I have never met or even heard of.  So, it will be a great one, that is for sure!

Love you all so much!

Elder Beckstead

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