Thursday, June 19, 2014

Always Improving

Hello Everyone!

It is always amazing to me to see the Lord's hand working all around me, even when it means that I don't get what I think I want.  Being on a mission has really helped me learn to get out of the way and trust that the Lord knows what he is doing.  Honestly, I really did not want to get transferred.  I loved Emporia as a place and especially all of the people I met there, and leaving was painfully hard. But, when I came to Lawrence, I was shocked!  I LOVE it here and there are a ton of people I am so excited to get to know.  It is crazy because to this point on my mission, one of our biggest struggles is to find people who will listen to us long enough to fell the Spirit and have an opportunity to choose to let us back or to not change.  In the ward where I am now serving, we have so many people that are willing that we are struggling to plan them all in!  That stems from the fact that the Elder who I replaced put in an amazing effort as he was on his last transfers, coupled with the fact that the Sisters who were previously serving here were removed for some unknown reason. As it stands now, there are many, many people that expect us to come and teach and help them prepare for baptism!
This is Sister Powell, and I (A truly amazing lady whose goal is to help this elder gain weight)

Along with that, my companion (Elder Cook) and I have found that as we completely trust in the Lord, we look for strengths in one another, and find many!  He is very intelligent, extremely diligent, and willing to go out and talk to everyone no matter how awkward or embarrassing it may seem.  This transfer is sure going to be an amazing one.

Isaac and Becky ( He is the investigator from England, the one with whose Aunt I lived)
Keep your eye on the Lord and trust in Him.  As you do so, you will get out of the way, and have the wonderful chance to see and be a part of the great hastening of this the Lord's work.

I love you all dearly!

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