Sunday, June 23, 2013

Troy & Tobi. Last District Meeting Together in Layton

Hello all!

This week we had some interesting things happen, and we definitely saw the adversary working hard to fight us and stop people from being baptized.  This mainly happened with two of our investigators, Troy and Tobi.  I'll tell you about Troy first.

So, Troy was originally on date for last Saturday (8 June) but we decided to push things back a week because the we felt we were going to fast, and he wasn't picking it up completely.  Well, Satan caught a hold of that delay and did everything he could to continue to delay it.  First of all, we wasn't at church last week and we couldn't get in contact with him.  He wasn't responding to texts or calls, and basically seemed like he had fallen off the face of the planet.  On Tuesday, I was on exchanges because Elder Steiner had a leadership training meeting (I'll talk more about that interesting experience later).  He was praying for me the entire time to be able to get in contact with Troy, and his prayer was answered.  I was able to call him and set up an apointment to meet with him the next day, as well as a baptismal interview time, and finally, we also talked about the time of his baptism. it was great.

When we met with him on Wednesday, we found out that his work had completely changed his schedule to graveyard: 4:00 PM ~ 3:00 AM, and that is why he had been unable to meet with us.  He still wanted to get baptized, but he told us that he wanted to push it back another week.  his reason was fine, to be baptized for himself and not his girlfriend, but it was not the spirit this time.  We asked him about his belief in God, the Book of Mormon, and the truthfulness of the church.  As he responded yes, we assured him we should move forward.  Then, with true inspiration guiding us, we had him kneel down and pray with us about what he should do. After a the prayer and a pause we asked how he felt.  "Good," was his reply.  Elder Steiner said he felt good, I said I felt great and so did our member, and Troy said, "Okay, lets do it Saturday."  It was so awesome.

Troy's baptism
Elder Steiner, Troy & Elder Beckstead

Then, we couldn't reserve the church because the guy who gave reservations wouldn't contact the ward mission leader back.  We just did it anyway.  Also, Troy was actually late to his own baptism, and to top it off, the person baptizing had never done it before.  That sure made it interesting. nonetheless, the spirit was there as strong as ever, and it was incredible.

The adversary worked on Tobi in a different way.  We were led to him by the Nelson family, and they opened their home to have the lessons for him, that is, until Sunday.  What happened was that one of the Nelson boys did something very wrong and got arrested.  This made the daughter, also Tobi's girlfriend, freak out and just leave.  With all the commotion, the Nelson family called us and told us that there would not be any more lessons in their home.  Tobi didn't make it to church and we so far have been unable to contact him.  We know he can and will be strong, but we have a lot of opposition at the moment.  Hopefully we can get back into contact with him very soon.

This week was our last meeting together as a district, and that was interesting.  One of the Sisters goes home on Monday, so we celebrated with her.  She cried a lot.  I totally understand why.  I'm really going to miss this place and all the wonderful people I have taught and worked with.

Anyway, I hope you all are doing great!  I invite you to look for blessings the spirit gives you this week and share them.  I also ask that you pray for our mission to reach our goal of 3500 baptisms this year and do all you can to help whatever missionaries are in your area.  We really have a much better time when you help us.  I promise.
Xane's awesome sandwich
At least he's not starving!

Love you guys!

Elder Beckstead
Awesome Layton Sunset

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